DF206 - Ranger III

Be pleasure by one of world best simulation for the DF206 Ranger III 

DreamFoil Creations had done an extensive work in this helicopter to push the simulation to limit.

This amazing aircraft has the follow main features:

  • Detailed 3D model for interior / exterior
  • Turbine Caps
  • Cockpit Manipulators (clickable 3D buttons)
  • Custom Light textures for Beacon & Strobe
  • Accurate Flight Dynamics based on Real Helicopter
  • Systems Simulation
  • Real Procedures for startup / shutdown
  • Proprietary SoundEngine (DreamEngine),
    This makes possible to recreate with great dynamic the sounds.
  • +30 Custom Sounds for a Real Environment Simulation
  • HeadPhone Simulation (High Frequencies Attenuation)

And much more can be found in this model"

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