This sound good dont you think?

You have probably hear this phrase if you didn't you will.
Sounds are one of most important sense of human body, we use it since baby on mother belly.
Looking from this viewpoint, i just realized that for a good simulation, visual inst enough, you need realistic sounds.
Some of us dont care much, but this does not mean that its less important!

DreamEngine brings to x-plane world the capability to simulate better sounds, it gives a greater control over sounds and
how they should behave.
It´s very customizable, you can do about any kind of sound there and its simple as attach an sound to an dataref and the dataref output values.

3D Positional Sounds
Sounds can be fully poisitioned in any part of the aircraft, a tail rotor sound will come from back and will be louder when you´re near of tail.

3D Coning
Sounds can also be directed to some position, for example you can direct the sound from front to back, so when you´re in back of aircraft the sound is audible, but when you´re in front it inst.

Layered Sounds
It support layered sounds, what it does mean? This means that you can create sounds in cascade, for example an engine can have two, four, six sounds to simulate the engine behavior.

HeadPhone Simulation
DreamEngine is one of first to simulate the High Frequencies attenuation done when you put headphones on the head.

Doppler Effect
We also support Doppler Effect, more information about this effect can be found here.

Low Pass Filtering
Also possible to control High Frequencies Attenuation of sounds.

+128 Sound Sources
DreamEngine give support up to 128 sounds, normally an airplane can be fully sound simulated with 30.


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