GeForce Head Simulation

We introduce the GeForce Head View Simulation.

After some research, we did understand that to give a complete simulation to end user, the view need to follow some real
characteristics of human head behavior.

First and most important is the latency, the human eye is very fast, but its more focal, not really contextual.
When you´re running with a car and you pass over a hole, your head will try to stabilize it, but will not complete overcome the problem, so you´ll find that there´s a latency between head moves and car moves.

The exactly same thing happens with an aircraft, you´ll have a latency, also the influence of GForce and other factors, one of improvements done with GeForce is the ability to in a turn look inside the turn giving you a more focus for where you´re going.


Q: How does it improve my overall flying?
A: By simulation the head movements, it will prepare you better to an real flight, lot of people will get confused when flying the real aircraft after flying the simulator, because the real aircraft inst a static view, its dynamic, so the simulator.

Q: Moving the camera will not affect the performance?
A: No actually the drop in fps is from none to very low perceptive.

Q: Can i disable or change the intensity?
A: Yes, GeForce Plugin give you intensity for changing the (X,Y) Axis.

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