DreamEngine Plugin | Latest (Build 0311)

Version 2.0 build 0311 - > * Requires OSX 10.10 *

- New feature to allow volumetric cockpit view
- Fixed an issue with PlaySound causing it to crash on some situations
- Added RecurseDatarefs, this will keep searching for datarefs even if not found during plugin initialization
- Fixed init variable not resetting in some situations, causing sounds to stop working
- Sound might now pause when going to config windows of X-Plane

Version 2.0 build 0310

- New feature to allow volumetric cockpit view
- Fixed an issue with PlaySound causing it to crash on some situations
- Added RecurseDatarefs, this will keep searching for datarefs even if not found during plugin initalization
- OpenAL-Soft based for all platforms
- Removed pre-filters, we have them in real-time now

Version 2.0 build 0300

- AutoReload feature, check for script modifications and auto reload the sound
- Removed Rapture3D support & Rapture related functions
- Plugin is now compatible with 64 bits ONLY
 Unified code headers for OpenAl
- Implemented OpenAl-Soft library for OSX
- Integration with DreamView plugin

Version 2.0 build 0290

- Added PreFiltering function
- PreFilter 3 band Equalizer for CreateSounds
- PreFilter Sound Normalizer for Createsounds
- PreFilter Reverb

Version 2.0 build 0280

- Added setRelativeSustain command, which allow Sustained Loops to be played relative to start/end position

Version 2.0 build 0275

- Fixed issue with cone and interior view
- Improved wave file handling to accept IFF List

Version 2.0 build 0270

- Changed the way mouse interact with volume window
- Added Cancel command if clicking outside of volume window
- Added text description if mouse is over Cancel or Accept buttons

Version 2.0 build 0265

- Fixed mouse position issue with volume window
- DrawPivot will now display correctly
- Fixed minor memory leaks

Version 2.0 build 0260

- Added channel possibility, sounds can be assigned to channels that allow gain control of all sounds assigned to such channel 32 channels are available.
- Redesigned Config window
- Position is now written to log for easy copy/paste

Version 2.0 build 0250

- Added possibility to group Triggers, reducing the required code for sitatuions where lot of buttons like circuit breakers are at same place and could share the same sound.
- Improved the initialization of Triggers
- Triggers now can be assigned to Commands
- Deprecated data.snk support, it was unecessary and was causing issues.
- Fixed an issue with updating the Occlusion filter, this could cause an abrupt change on Occlusion with distance.
- Sound gain slider maximum value reduced from 200% to 100%
- Improved the Sustained Loop behavior, now if the position of sound still playing before the loop region it will automatically jump to end region, avoiding longer than necessary playing loop region.
- Better handling of OpenAL initialization, lack of drivers should not crash X-Plane anymore.
- Sustained Loop now compatible with stereo or more channels sounds.
- Implemented Markers/Cue points support for playsound function, just need to add the index at end of filename.
- Fixed reload causing to create multiple instances of DreamEngine menu.
- Fixed reload issue on OSX causing it to crash.
- Improved Doppler math to avoid clicking on OSX due to lot of small abrupt changes in pitch.
- Removed inMessage 104 from reloading.

Version 2.0 build 0230

- Fixed issue with data.snk loading
- Fixed issue with TemporarySounds loadwav function causing to reserve memory multiple times for same variable
- Command Reload is working again

Version 2.0 build 0220

- Fixed an issue with alDeleteBuffer on plugin unload causing to crash while exitting the simulator
- Improved the handling of keyframes, parsing speed improved by 3x
- Review of code to avoid any memory leaks, not aware of any memory leaks right now
- Solved an issue with drawing text
- Added more information to debug / to enable debug edit config.cfg file and set debug value to 1
- Sounds path set to lower case, this is to avoid problems with Linux
- Implemented FastKeyValue command
- Improved cone algorithm for stereo sounds
- Added a dataref for controlling volume "DreamEngine/MasterGain"
- Command Reload is disabled for while


Known problems 
- OSX 10.8+ have a inefficient lowpass filter, which make almost no difference on end result, this isn't a know bug for old versions.
- Sound filename is case sensitive on Linux while loading from folder, same not applies to package loading

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